Hello there!


A designer, illustrator and visual storyteller, working in Greater Manchester. Graduated from Manchester School of Art, MA Illustration and Falmouth University, BA Graphic Design. Specialising in Illustration, publishing and branding.
My main practice aims to tackle the problem of plant blindness. Nature is an idea created by culture and nature is an idea embedded in language. Its very term presupposes that we are outside of it and therefore is anthropocentric. We are nature and nature ‘is’. Our lives are a process of nature.

What I Do

  • Branding
  • Commercial Illustration
  • Publishing
  • Professional Calligraphy

Having worked for

  • Selfridges
  • DK Publishing
  • Smith & Milton
  • Falmouth University

Proficient In

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Making a cracking brew
  • Socialising at the pub
  • Twister!